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Spring Into Summer By Planning a Backyard Pool

Whether you’re planning a relaxing staycation or looking for family entertainment, spring is the perfect reminder that summer isn’t too far off with its triple-digit temperatures. According to the Almanac, the Summer Solstice is Tuesday, June 21 – although the Valley’s swimming season will start before this date. An affordable swimming pool is a perfect solution for creating a relaxation and entertainment spot where you can soak up the warmth and excitement of summer without ever leaving home.

Ideally, you should begin by gathering photos of pools you love by browsing websites, such as Pinterest. That is incredibly important since many different designs, types, and sizes are available. Then contact Affordable Pool Builder for a referral to a local pool contractor who specializes in not only constructing an affordable swimming pool but who can transform your backyard into a relaxing oasis or exciting waterpark-like environment that can enhance your and your family’s at-home lifestyle.

Pool Construction Process

Obtain a Referral: The first step of the pool construction process is to contact Affordable Pool Builder at (480) 254-5530 to refer you to one of our partnering local pool contractors. We only work with licensed and bonded pool builders that guarantee their work and are there to help you navigate through all the available options so that you can select the pool design and size that is suited to your needs.

Pool Design Consultation: In addition to the potential for unlimited customization, several factors must be considered when considering an affordable swimming pool. These include but are not limited to location, permitting, equipment, size, shape, soil, water features, decking, and fencing. The contractor will help you understand each of these and provide 3D computer-aided designs, enabling you to visualize what the pool, along with its features, will look like in your backyard.

Obtaining Building Permits: Once you’ve decided on a design for your new pool build, your project manager will draft and submit all plans to your local building and planning department, using online resources to streamline the process. If applicable to your situation, they will also submit drawings and specifications to your homeowner’s association (HOA). After approvals and underground utilities have been identified, the layout of your pool and the location of all equipment will be outlined so that excavation can begin.

The Actual Build: There are various steps involved during the actual construction process, meaning that your backyard will see a lot of activity as workers break ground and install your pool. These include excavation, framework, stub-out, plumbing, electrical, gunite application, tile, decking, and more. Once everything is installed, water will be added, and the equipment will start, allowing you to enjoy your new pool. 

Make Your Dream Affordable Swimming Pool a Reality

You can enhance your outdoor living environment by contacting Affordable Pool Builder about referring you to a local pool contractor. The companies we partner with provide many advantages such as artistic conceptions, extensive experience, and low-rate financing to help Valley homeowners realize their dream of transforming their backyard into an oasis or waterpark to escape the heat when Arizona reaches triple-digit temperatures.

Whether you’re looking for the distinctive design of a lap pool to crush your fitness goals, an infinity pool for the ultimate summer retreat, or a waterpark-like environment for hours of family enjoyment, our professional pool partners can help you make your dream a reality. So don’t delay; pick up the phone today and contact us for a referral at (480) 254-5530.


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