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Make This Summer Your Year of the Pool

It may be hard to visualize now, with temperatures only reaching a high of 73ºF this week, but it won’t be long before popular retailers begin displaying stylish swimwear. Generally, you’ll see this in the next couple of months, as the Valley has an extended swimming season than other areas. It’s not uncommon for homeowners to enjoy swimming from May to September, longer if their pool is equipped with a heater, which efficiently allows for continuously comfortable water temperatures.

Suppose you’re hoping to enhance your at-home lifestyle. In that case, nothing beats transforming your backyard into an oasis, complete with an affordable backyard pool built by one of Affordable Pool Builder’s partnering pool professionals.

When is the best time to begin the pool construction process? Right now is an excellent time to get started, mainly since the construction process typically takes about six months, depending on the specifics of your dream pool. However, it’s essential to note that adding optional additions such as beach entries or water features may require more time. While the process – from deciding on a design to wading into the water – may be lengthy, the pool will provide you with hours of recreation and relaxation for years.

In addition, the colder months of winter are often viewed as contractors’ off-season, allowing them to offer money-saving incentives or value build additions. It is also associated with quicker turnaround times for residential building permits from your local planning and development department. In Maricopa County, artistic conception and building plans can be submitted electronically, which may help the contractor start construction on your affordable backyard pool sooner than paper submittals.

Benefits of Pool Ownership

You’ve heard the reasons why you shouldn’t delay in making your dream of having an affordable backyard pool a reality. Perhaps you’ve even contacted Affordable Pool Builder, but if you haven’t yet, then here are some of the potential benefits you’ll undoubtedly enjoy when you have one of our partnering pool professionals transform your backyard into an oasis.

  • Increased home value
  • Enhanced at-home leisure
  • Hours of recreational family fun
  • Convenient access to outdoor exercise opportunities

Ready for an Affordable Backyard Pool?

You can enhance your outdoor living environment by contacting Affordable Pool Builder about referring you to a pool professional. The companies we partner with provide many advantages such as artistic conceptions, extensive experience, and low-rate financing to help Valley homeowners realize their dream of having not only a pool to lounge away the hot summer days but a complete backyard oasis.

Whether you’re looking for the distinctive design of a lap pool to crush your fitness goals, an infinity pool for the ultimate summer retreat, or a waterpark-like environment for hours of family enjoyment, our professional pool partners can help make your dream a reality. So don’t delay; pick up the phone today and contact us for a referral at (480) 254-5530.


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