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Must-Have Features for Custom-Built Pools

Get ready for the Valley’s sizzling temperatures by contacting Affordable Pool Builder for referrals to builders with custom-built pools expertise. These builders can construct your dream pool, just in time for summer, featuring one or more of the following must-have features.

Swim-Up Refreshment Areas

When it’s over 100° out, you’re likely going to want to spend as much time in the clear, cool pool water as you possibly can. Adding a swim-up refreshment area will allow you to do just that. There are several design options for you to consider, including swim-up bars with sunken seating and a fully-equipped poolside outdoor kitchen, which can make summers in the Valley even more enjoyable.

Grottos with Waterslides

A grotto is a custom-built waterfall with a hidden area for relaxation. You can choose to add a waterslide for hours of family fun, integrate a secret spa, or add a bench that runs the length of the cavern. There is also the option for adding color-changing LED lights under or around the cave. Adding a grotto will enhance the relaxing, meditative sound of water and help with water filtration.

Beach Entries

Beach entries, also known as zero-entry pools, are incredibly popular. Rather than step into the water, this feature provides sloped access to the pool. They are handy for families with small children, people with knee problems, and those who would like a place to set some lounge chairs to relax in the water without submerging themselves. These entries are commonly added to salt-water pools as they provide a beach-like vibe.

Builders with Custom-Built Pools Expertise

Affordable Pool Builder is committed to helping Arizonans make their dreams of having an outdoor oasis a reality by providing referrals to Phoenix’s pool builders. These builders not only excel at constructing custom-built pools and spas but also complete, water-centric outdoor living environments.

The companies we partner with provide a three-dimensional computer-aided design to allow you to visualize the pool building process and see how the completed design will look in your yard. They also offer low-rate financing options. Treat yourself to something special this year by contacting us at (480) 254-5530.

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