Making a Splash in Arizona

Pool Construction Timeline for Making a Splash in Arizona

Spring is nature’s way of saying, “let’s party,” and Arizonans don’t have to be told twice. More people venture outside during spring than any other time of the year. Many choose to spend their days making a splash in the ultimate warm-to-hot weather luxury: a swimming pool. Don’t have a pool yet? It’s not too late to add one. In most cases, a new, affordable pool build can be completed in just six to twelve weeks.

Here is a brief overview of a pool construction timeline.

Design Consultation

Yard size is not a barrier to pool ownership; they can be built in a variety of shapes and sizes to accommodate any yard, including compact yards. A project manager will visit your home to make all the necessary calculations and take accurate measurements of the backyard. They will also work with you on designing a pool within your budget.

Permitting and Layout

Based on your approval of the final pool design and budget details, the project manager will submit the computer-generated drawings and specifications to your HOA, as well as to all applicable municipalities for approval and permitting. After underground utilities have been identified, the layout of your pool, along with the location of all pool equipment will be outlined.

Let the Excavation Begin

Now here is where the real fun begins. Heavy equipment will be used to break hole and dig a big hole in the ground. It takes approximately one to two full days, depending on pool sizes, to properly excavate the ground in preparation for the structural reinforcement stage of your swimming pool build.

Framework and Stub-Out

All proper measures are taken to structurally reinforce the shell of your swimming pool based on design, size, and load weights. Because water weighs 62.42 pounds per cubic foot and will apply additional pressure to the bottom and sides of the pool, this phase requires a great deal of attention to detail.

Plumbing and Electrical Equipment

In this phase, all internal equipment is installed, and thoroughly tested by certified plumbers and electricians to ensure maximum reliability. That includes plumbing lines for the pool filtration system, jets, and other water features; pool and deck lighting; and more. Equipment may also need to be installed for outdoor kitchens or other hardscapes.

Gunite Application

Gunite – an equal ratio of cement and sand – ensures the highest degree of strength and longevity. Once applied to the bottom and sides of your pool, using specialized equipment, gunite will need to set for a minimum of 24 hours to harden and up to two weeks to fully cure. It is up to you to ensure the gunite remains moist – spraying it down with a water hose twice daily is strongly encouraged.

Tile and Decking Installation

This is the stage in which your pool’s uniqueness will begin to shine. An experienced crew will carefully install the interior finish of your pool, whether that is plaster or PebbleTec®, including installing waterline tiles. Mosaics, if chosen, will also be laid during this phase. Your choice of pool decking material will also be installed.

Pool Start-Up

It’s finally time to start-up all equipment to ensure everything is functioning properly and that are lines are properly sealed. Once this has been confirmed, water and appropriate chemicals will be added to your new, affordable pool. Let these chemicals circulate at least 24 hours before taking a sample of the water to your local pool supply store. If you get the all clear, dive right into summer!

A well-planned pool will bring hours of enjoyment and relaxation. Affordable Pool Builder is committed to helping Arizona families realize their dream of pool ownership by providing referrals to high-quality Phoenix pool builders. The companies we partner with provide a variety of services, including new pool and spa construction, maintenance and repair all at competitive prices. Low rate financing is also available.

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