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What is an Infinity Pool?

The summer sun is open on us with daily temps in the triple digits, providing the perfect excuse to immerse yourself into the cool blue waters of an inground swimming pool. While there are many design options to consider, there is one that stands out beautifully, the always Instagram-worthy infinity pool.

What, Exactly, is an Infinity Pool?

An infinity pool, also known as a zero-edge pool, blurs the line between the water’s edge and the surrounding landscape so that swimmers can visualize the Arizona desert. It is ideal for properties with breathtaking views, such as those that are perched above the city. An infinity pool tricks the eye, providing the illusion of water cascading down, much like a waterfall.

In reality, the water drops into a lower container pool that sits directly under the side and is pumped back into the central pool, helping to recirculate chemicals continuously. It also aids in the filtration of foreign particles such as leaves, twigs, and other debris that can be blown into the water during any time of the year. With any pool, you’ll have more upkeep during Arizona’s monsoon season.

Is a Small Backyard a Good Fit?

Infinity pools can be custom designed and built in an assortment of sizes to fit any site, regardless of the scale, although there must be a drop-off of some sort to benefit from this type of pool. With that in mind, these pools can be built in several designs, including as a lap pool. Lap pools are long and lean, and perfect for installing in a side yard. Another factor to consider, depending on your desired dimensions, is whether you want to incorporate additional features such as a built-in spa or hardscaping.

Contact an Affordable Pool Builder Today

A swimming pool will bring hours of enjoyment and relaxation. Affordable Pool Builder is committed to helping Arizona families make their dreams of having a beautifully designed inground pool a reality by providing referrals to Phoenix pool builders who excel at providing superior quality pool and spa builds. The companies we partner with offer three-dimensional models and flexible, low-interest financing to help you thoroughly enjoy summer. Make a splash by contacting us at (480) 254-5530.

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