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What is a Lap Pool?

There is no better way to crush your fitness goals while simultaneously staying cool than swimming laps. That is something you can quite easily do in your backyard after, of course, Phoenix pool builders construct a lap pool to your exact specifications. A lap pool is built long and narrow so that you can ensure an optimal workout whenever you want and without leaving home.

How Long and Wide is Enough?

One of the most significant factors to consider is your backyard layout. While the dimensions of lap pools are not “one size fits all,” meaning that Phoenix pool builders can custom design them to fit most backyards, you’ll still want to allow for a decent amount of space to ensure you can swim without feeling constrained. A lap pool can be designed and constructed to run alongside your home.

When swimming for fitness, you will need ample room for your favorite style and stroke, as well as for doing a flip turn at both ends of the pool. There are many popular styles, including freestyle, backstroke, and breaststroke. That said, a lap pool should ideally be 45 to 50 feet long and eight to ten feet wide, minimum. The optimal depth for this pool type ranges between four and six feet, depending on your height.

Additional Considerations

Aside from the pool’s measurements, there are endless design opportunities, such as L shapes and infinity pools. If there are phenomenal views in your backyard, then you may consider the latter, which blurs the line between the water’s edge and the surrounding landscape.

Since lap pools are primarily built for fitness, you may want to consider having a heating unit installed, as this can help maintain a comfortable temperature year ‘round. There are several energy-efficient heaters available that work with either gas or electricity that will extend the swim season into the fall and winter.

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