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What is a Saltwater Pool?

The options for inground pools don’t end with the design, size, and features. There are also several chlorination generators, such as chlorine and saltwater, for you to consider that will ensure clean and clear water.

The beauty of saltwater pools is that the water is easier on your eyes and skin. You can even open your eyes underwater, assuming that all chemicals are level, without irritating them. Saltwater also won’t give off a harsh smell like chlorine. 

Let’s look at the chemistry and advantages of these inground pools.

The Basics of Saltwater Pools


In saltwater pools, dissolved salt is converted into chlorine by-way-of an electrolytic cell, which is then pumped back into the pool (Hayward). The pump and filter then work to circulate the chemicals throughout the water. That process is a more efficient and cost-effective method for sanitizing the water. It also prevents many of the unpleasant side effects, such as irritated eyes or dry skin, that is commonly associated with swimming in pools treated with either chlorinating tablets or liquid.


More than one million households have realized the benefits of a saltwater pool (Hayward). These include reduced maintenance and gentler water that doesn’t have the same distinguishing scent of chlorine. You should still check the chemistry levels of the pool, including pH and other indicators of safe and healthy water, once per month. You can take a sample to most any pool supply store to receive accurate results or purchase a water chemical test kit. The latter can be found online and in stores.

Affordable Inground Pools

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